We are Cabin Creek Homes

The team at Cabin Creek Homes are your trusted partners in the journey of purchasing a manufactured or modular home. At Cabin Creek Homes, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. With our extensive knowledge of manufactured and modular homes, we understand the unique benefits they offer to homebuyers and homeowners. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect home that aligns with your needs and to maximize your investment. Rest assured, with us, you and your family are in capable and caring hands.

Why Choose Us?

Cabin Creek Homes is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, superior construction quality, and complete client satisfaction. We're here to help you choose a home that meets your unique preferences and needs, provide support in financing, and maximize the value of your housing investment. Our manufactured and modular homes are built in a controlled, factory environment, free from weather-related delays and damage. This efficient building process allows us to offer these homes at prices much more affordable than conventional site-built homes.

Quality Homes From Top Builders

The factory construction process of Cabin Creek Homes saves you money. Our workers, efficient in any weather, ensure a swift and cost-effective home-building process. Just like in stick-built homes, our modern manufactured and modular homes feature custom amenities. Choose from custom kitchens, elegant fireplaces, and luxury bathrooms in various models. Proudly, we carry homes from renowned manufacturers like Kit Custom Homebuilders, Skyline Homes and Bonnavilla.

Our Commitment to You

Cabin Creek Homes is dedicated to providing you with top-quality manufactured or modular homes at the most competitive prices. Our customer service team is committed to ensuring that all your preferences are met. The Cabin Creek Homes team truly cares about our customers, and we are focused on finding you the ideal manufactured or modular home that suits both your budget and lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Discover who we are! We’re dedicated to assisting you in every aspect of your home-buying journey. Our goal is to guide you to your ideal home, ensuring it fits perfectly within your family’s budget!

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